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We offer leading class search features that include intuitive searching, client testimonials, location and RapidResponse availability.

Founded by a trial attorney for trial attorneys.

Expert Sciences was designed to offer the most comprehensive, intuitive and comparative search functionality in the industry. Quickly leading you to the best expert for your case because we know how important your time is.

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Nationwide or Local Search

Instant national mapping software provides visual results so Attorneys may easily identify experts close to them or the judicial venue with a simple mouse click.

Smarter Search Results

Intuitively narrow search results by filtering experts’ education, experience, RapidResponse™ availability & key terms. Searchable CV’s allow Attorneys to use highly-specific searches to identify experts who have written or presented on unique case issues.

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Contact the experts directly and move your case forward today. Free searching and no added charges for retaining experts listed by Expert Sciences.


Nationwide experts for every case.

Search by an individual specialty and find the expert you need.

Medical Experts

  • Anesthesiology
  • Family Practice
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Pain Management
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • and more…

Technical Experts

  • Accounting
  • Business Valuation
  • Engineering
  • Failure Analysis
  • Human Factors
  • and more…
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RapidResponse™ Availability

Need an expert fast? No problem with our RapidResponse™ feature - the first and only in the industry. RapidResponse™ experts are available to immediately receive documents and provide a general overview of your case within 24 hours. Move your case forward today!


Intuitive Searching

This directory was designed by a trial lawyer for trial lawyers. As a result, we offer best-in-class, unique search functionality not found anywhere else. Want an engineer from MIT? Need a Harvard-trained medical expert? Expert Sciences allows Attorneys to search and filter experts by education, expert witness experience, availability to begin working on your case, in addition to many more. Our filtering software allows you to quickly cull results to identify the best expert for your case.


Searchable CV's

We offer word-searchable expert CV's so that Attorneys may search by highly-specific case terms to easily identify experts who have published, presented or have working experience in discreet, case-specific issues.


Unique Mapping Software

Is an expert's location important to you? If so, each search result maps responsive experts so Attorneys may visually identify experts close to them or the judicial venue.



Do you see an opportunity for new litigation? Have you published a new article recently? Just want to highlight your experience? Let us highlight you and your expertise to attorneys in our nationally marketed LitigationTrends™ service.