Increase your income and professional stature by becoming an Expert Witness

Why Serve As An Expert Witness?

Serving is professionally rewarding.

  • Heighten your professional visibility by expanding your reputation to the courtroom
  • Contribute to your community by becoming a voice in the judicial system
  • Promote justice by sharing your expert knowledge

It’s also financially rewarding.

  • Hourly rates for record review typically range from $100 - $500, depending on specialty and experience
  • Hourly rates for deposition testimony commonly range from $200 - $750, depending on specialty and experience
  • Work is performed at your convenience and completed in most instances at your home and after normal business hours
  • You pick what cases and which attorneys you work with

Why List Yourself With Expert Sciences?

We are the easiest & most intuitive Expert Witness Directory available.

  • Surveyed attorneys preferred the website and search features we offer over our leading competitors
  • Designed by a trial lawyer for trial lawyers, we offer exactly what attorneys need to find the right experts for their cases
  • Searchable CVs allow attorneys to find you based on articles you've written, presentations given and key words found in your CV

Use us to allow attorneys to match you with their needs.

  • Our RapidResponse™ feature allows experts to identify when they are available to perform immediate record review (24 hour turnaround) — Identify yourself to attorneys in need of immediate record review
  • Distinguish yourself with recommendations from prior attorneys or clients published on your profile page
  • Our unique mapping software easily and visually identifies states where you have been retained in the past.  Attorneys may quickly see if you have experience in their jurisdiction
  • Our school and institution affiliation allows attorneys to identify experts based upon the expert's association with a particular school or institution.

With over 250 available specialties, you can specifically identify your area of expertise.

  • Over 100 Medical Specialties
  • Over 150 Technical Specialties
  • Can’t find your specialty? No problem, contact us to add a specialty unique to your area of expertise.

Maximize your visibility and become a Premium Expert.

Our features unique to Premium Experts include:
  • Guaranteed top 4 search result when their specialties are searched
  • Photo and emphasized map result on specialty search results
  • Local Marketing: we will have our marketing team identify attorneys in your area and specifically market your expertise to them
  • LitigationTrends™: Do you see an opportunity for new litigation? Have you published a new article recently? Just want to highlight your experience? Let us highlight you and your expertise to attorneys in our nationally marketed LitigationTrends™ service.

Don’t wait around, sign up now to become an Expert Witness!